FTHW and eating habits.

Being a full time housewife for the past 4 months sure taught me certain ways of saving money. The urge to save money is even stronger as there is no inflow of income, just outlfow. So I have to make do with the savings left (not much especially after house renovation) to get by these few months. One of the way is through the cutting down of my food expenses which to me is of least priority. I just need food to fill my stomach.

In the morning, I would prepare my own breakfast which is made up of 2 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter or cream cheese and my stapled beverage, cafe 21. I can eat the same thing for the whole week as there is an expiry date to the loaf of gardenia bread, usually 7 days from the day of purchase. I would have breakfast while reading the Straits Time or watched any you tube videos uploaded by my favorite youtubers whom I subscribed to.

In the afternoon, if we are not heading out, I would cook for us each a bowl of maggi mee with an egg and vegetables and any meat which I can find in the fridge or sometimes fried an egg to eat with the wholemeal bread with a glass of milk or a bowl of cereals with milk and my healthy fruity snacks or pancakes with bananas and honey. If we are heading out, it would usually be at the food court where our meal is a bowl of herbal soup with rice or YTF.

And for the night, I would cook 1 vegetable dish, 1 egg dish and/or a meat dish. If I feel like it, I would boil a pot of soup too. Recently, the fire in me to boil soup has somehow simmer down, maybe I should start boiling some soup for Al again.

Please don’t think I am ill treating myself from the things that I eat. I am totally fine with it cos eating is not really my top priority. Of cos, I do enjoy some occassional good food when we go on a date or when there is a birthday celebration. But what pleases me the most is knowing that my meal expenses has significantly reduced to about $280 in March as compared to $500ish in January. Wonder if I can maintain this when I am back at work. 20130405-092258.jpg20130404-194455.jpg20130404-194520.jpg20130404-194507.jpg20130404-195102.jpg


5 thoughts on “FTHW and eating habits.

  1. I think we have pretty similar eating patterns! I can eat the same thing for days too. And I really like your food pics, these are things I would love to eat! 🙂

  2. Simple is good. When I throw some veg and spring onions…and coriander and mushrooms into my instant noodles, I instantly feel healthier ;p

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