My blusher collection!

Below are the blushers that I owned over the past few years since I first started makeup. Not a lot comparing to some girls that I have known. But its quite a handful for me already. To start off with, my skin tone is medium.

1. Sugarbomb from Benefit
I bought it because it has four different shades of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum, and peach within a box. But turn out that I don’t really like it as it is not very pigmented and required a few applications to be able to pick up the colors. But it is not advisable to build up the colors as it would be too shimmery. The swatch as you can see from the last photo is a very light orangey/pinky shade and is very shimmery. This made my cheeks look oily and accentuate my pores. It also has a smell which I don’t adore. I only use it if I am not going out under the sun.

2. Madly from Nars
Madly was recommended to me by a make up artist while I was shopping at Saks in NYC. Madly is definitely not a shade that I would pick up on my own. Eventually, I bought it cos I like the result after he applied it on my face and eyes (yes, you can use it as an eyeshadow!). The color adds a soft warm glow to my cheeks and can act as a bronzer as it builds up. This blush although has some shimmer, it does not emphasize the pores as compared to Sugarbomb.

3. Deep Throat from Nars
Deep Throat is my newest purchase in January this year. I like the fact that it has less shimmer as compared to Nars Orgasm. Maybe that’s why I have never thought of purchasing Orgasm cos I don’t like too shimmery blusher. Deep throat is a shade in between red and orange which looks very natural on my medium skin tone. But I notice that it does not last the whole day. Just a few hours later, re-application is required.

4. Crush from Urban Decay
This is my go to blush if I have minimal make up (just BB cream). This blush is a cheek tint which can be used on the lips but I only applied it on the cheeks. It is very easy to use. Just use your fingers and blend blend blend. The color looks like a screaming pink but once it is properly blended, it looks like skin with a natural flush.

5. Dainty, a mineralise blush from MAC
Not a big fan of this blusher as it is too pinkish on my medium skin tone. The shimmer also accentuate my pores. Overall, I am not in love with this blusher but I am still trying to use it by avoiding the apples of my cheeks where the pores are situated.

6. Life’s a Peach from Sleek
This is a gift from Joy and is my very first Sleek product. I have never tried such a bright peachy color and was a bit taken aback by its vibrant shade. But I fell in love with it when I see how natural it look on my cheeks once blended. One downside is the lasting power which is not fantastic. Not complaining given its affordable price tag!

7. Benetint from Benefit
I use this on days when I have minimal face makeup (just sunscreen and/or BB cream) as it does not work well on foundations (uneven patches). Simply apply 3-4 strokes on each cheeks and blend it away with your fingers. Although it can be used on the lips, I don’t recommend it as I find it very drying on the lips and the color doesn’t show up even after several application.

Swatches under the natural day light: Starting from the left is Sugarbomb and the last is Benetint.

Are there any blushes that you simply can’t leave without?

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