Review of Sleek Face Contour Kit

I was contemplating between two few face contour options. The Tom Ford (TF) Shade and Illuminate and Sleek Face Contour Kit (FCK). In the end, I opted for the Sleek one for an obvious reason i.e. the price tag. TF costs S$100 in Singapore at Tangs whilst the Sleek costs S$17 which can be found on the Luxola online beauty store.  Although I am no stranger when it comes to cream product, the price tag of TF is just too much for my pocket to handle.

When I received the Sleek FCK in the shade ‘light’ (it comes in 3 different shades with light, medium and dark), first thought that popped in my mind was that I may have chosen the wrong shade as the color may be a tad too natural on my skin tone (medium).  But I am not sure if doing a correct contour should be obvious as you want it to be as natural as possible.   Nonetheless, it seems to be able to contour my face and add a bit of color to my face which I like.   The product also comes with a shimmer powder which can be used as a highlighter.  I used it mostly on my nose.


Look at how sleek it is.


This is in the shade ‘Light’. Right: Contour powder Left: Highlighter


Swatches of the contour powder and highlighter.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the product given the price and the quality of the content. I think it is able to last me a long time.

Are there any contouring brands/ products which you use?


2 thoughts on “Review of Sleek Face Contour Kit

  1. We’ve recently gotten hold of Urban Decay’s Flushed which comes with contouring powder/highligher/blush! 🙂 We’ve been liking it quite a lot – think a post would definitely be coming up soon!

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