New ramen place called Uma Uma!

Read about ladyj_musings’ blog about Uma Uma and I decided to bring Al cos he is such a ramen guy.  It was 11.30am on a friday and the shop was totally empty except of cos for the staffs. We chose a window seat and were ready for our order very soon as the menu is a very simple one with only 4 ramen choices.  Al ordered Uma Uma Ramen ($14) whilst I ordered the Spicy Chasiu Ramen ($16) without any add ons or side dishes. Total cost of lunch was about $35 which is a tad too expensive in my opinion as the portion of the ramen is just too little to fill my stomach.

Notwithstanding, I like the soup cos it is not too oily nor too salty nor too porky (which is very important cos I dislike ramen with very strong porky taste).  Al loves porky soup but he thought that the soup is not bad without his favorite porky taste.  And I can actually eat most part of the chasiu instead of the fatty part not like some ramen place which Al always benefit cos he will get the ‘rejected’ part of the chasiu from me.  Oh ya, I also like it when the staff brought out 2 baskets for each of us to put our bags.  We were able to eat comfortably without having to hold on to our bags.  Hands down for the consideration.

Uma Uma! Original Hakata Ramen (next to California Pizza)

583 Orchard Road, Forum #01-41/42/43








3 thoughts on “New ramen place called Uma Uma!

  1. Looks delish! It does look a tad small but at least you got to check it out for yourself. I just tried Japanese ramen for the first time on my weekend trip to NYC and it was amazing. A bit too porky but good nonetheless.

    Hope you are well! xo

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