New friends and a new food place (Qi Wei Ji Bao)

Met up with Al’s ex-colleague who had a six month baby boy. It was so easy to carry him cos he behaved like a koala bear 🙂
We were in love with the boy cos of his good nature. The ex-colleague then brought us out for dinner at a coffee shop at Kovan where the Punggol Nasi Lemak is. I thought we were having the nasi lemak. There was another stall at the other corner selling steamboat (ceramic pot?) style with hot chili chicken based and herbal based chicken which comes with chicken/ duck meat. We had the hot chili chicken based pot. The black sauce was not as spicy as it looked. The chicken meat is also very tender. You can also choose side dishes like fresh greens, mushrooms, luncheon meat, crabsticks etc which cost $3.30 per plate to go with it. We spent about $63 for a big pot and 6 side dishes for 6 persons. I like the dining experience, the service was good and the company was fantastic. It was my first time meeting the wife of the ex colleague but she is such an easy going person. Her neice too. I thanked them for spending their family time with me and Al.






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