BKK 2013 Day 1

Hi all! I am finally ready to post some stuff regarding the recent Bangkok trip!

This time we went with a couple friend. The guy was our neighbor and his girlfriend whom I have never met. I was glad we could chat (well, I did most of the talking while she did most of the listening). But what is amazing about her is that she don’t shop. At all! Apart from the food and massages, I am very sure she did not spent on anything.

So we arrived Bangkok at half past five and got a bigger cab which costs 700Baht inclusive of toll charges to the hotel. We were lucky that there wasn’t really a (Bangkok) jam and we arrived at the hotel around seven plus. We have always preferred to stay in boutique hotels cos they are less crowded. I chose Tenface after reading Peggy’s post (which is a very detailed and informative one with lots of photos to give you a good idea of the hotel) about the hotel and coincidentally, Tenface was also having a special promotion which costs about S$109 per night for a one bedroom suite. I tell you, the room is damn big and there are two TVs, one in the living room and the other one in the bedroom! Whoot!303575_10151416209152495_805658614_n 74553_10151416209242495_2005844280_n 580694_10151416209207495_485124141_n 542130_10151416209162495_615551049_n
Since we were not that hungry, Al suggested that we go to our usual massage place called Po Tong Thai Massage near the Nana BTS. We had foot massage which costs 300Baht for an hour and it was great.
Then we headed to Thip Samai Restaurant (highly recommended by Miss Tam Chiak – first on her 10 Must Try Food in Bangkok) for dinner. We tried to hail for a cab but the first one rejected us as he had no idea where it is which is surprising as it is a famous eatery place in Bangkok. The second cab driver told us that it was very far away and he would take us if we pay him 350Baht. The neighbor said OK and off we went. We arrived at the place within a short 20mins or so and I was pretty sure we were ketok by the cab driver. After a satisfying dinner, we took a cab back at 79Baht to the hotel. 79Baht as compared to 350Baht. Next time I will do the negotiation or ask the cabbie to switch on the meter!


Our driver in the previous trip explained to us why the noodle is in the orangey color is because fish roes were used.


the ever sweet orange juice which costs 150Baht for the bigger bottle.

So that is Day one of our trip.

Day 2 coming up next.

Photo credit of the hotel room : Alvin Lee


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