Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine at Marina Bay Sands

We had dinner at the Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine at MBS to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Just by its name, you may have thought that the meal would costs us a bomb. But to our surprise, it did not. I googled for reviews of the restaurant but most people went there for dim sum instead of ala carte dinner. But thru the limited reviews, I ordered the following 7 dishes (I was too immersed with the food that I forgot to take photos for the double boiled soup which tasted a tad too pork for me and the sweet and sour pork which is also a tad too porky for me. My father once said that if the pork tasted porky, it means that the pig perspired when it was being slaughtered. HAHA. Not sure if its true but I will give him the benefit of doubt).

The total cost is about $460 which I thought is quite reasonable. I have learnt that ordering set menu is not worth it as most of the time it would include dishes such as shark’s fin soup or abalone with mushrooms which some of our family members don’t really appreciate. So with just a little bit of effort of going through the menu, I think it can save you quite a bit and you get to choose the dishes that you like.

Location: The Shoppes, Atrium 2, L2-04 access via The Shoppes Bay Level (L1) lifts at UOB and Grand Colonade North
Telephone: +65 6688 7788


The duck meat is so tender and tasty and the skin just melt into your mouth once you put it in. As always, the left over meat is used for the Ee Fu noodle which is one of the best I have ever eaten.


This steamed soon hock with soya sauce is too good. Well loved by both my parents. If the bones can be eaten, I am sure they will eat it too.


Prawns with mayonnaise sauce. All snatched up within seconds!


Braised 4 varieties of vegetables. A favorite amongst the health freaks and even meat lovers like my brother loves it too!


The perfect Ee Fu noodle!


Cute little cake courtesy from future sister-in-law.



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