Pleasant online shopping experience.

IMG_4933Luxola was having a 30% off a while ago for a limited 24 hours and I took the opportunity to purchase my first ever set of Sigma brush kit (travel edition). I bought the Mrs Bunny Travel Kit which contains seven travel size brushes and a container that turns into two brush holders! Mrs Bunny is a colorful set which I prefer cos all my brushes are in black.

If you not already know, Luxola offers next day free delivery service and you can actually choose the time slot of your choice. I chose the 2pm – 6pm for my purchase. But I had to change it to 6pm-10pm due to a last minute thingy. By 10pm, there was no sign of the delivery man and I emailed Luxola to inform them. Seconds later, I received a phone call and it was the delivery man who asked if he could come now. At about 11pm, Mrs Bunny finally arrived, delivered by a panting and perspiring uncle.

When I saw what was inside, I immediately know that it was the wrong Bunny. They have given me Mr Bunny instead of Mrs Bunny. Boo hoo hoo…. After much thought, I decided to keep Mr Bunny but I emailed Luxola to feedback about it. To my surprise and delight, Luxola credited a $15 to my account for my next purchase because of the mess up. Not bad not bad. At least I don’t feel so upset for not having Mrs Bunny.


2 thoughts on “Pleasant online shopping experience.

  1. It’s such a pity that you didn’t get the Mrs. Bunny brushes but the only difference is the color so it’s not that bad. Hope you enjoy your vegan brushes!

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