Day 6 and its a cooking day.

This is my first time cooking the soya sauce chicken. My buddy gave me her recipe after I told her that I wanted to learn some cooking during my leave. Al, being the guinea pig survived to give me a thumbs up (being a first timer). Think I got the cooking flair from my mama! Huh Huh Huh!? However, he feedback that the chicken meat did not have much taste except for the chicken taste and suggested that I should marinate it before cooking. OK, point noted. I will try it again soon and see if the chicken taste of anything else than the chicken taste.

Star anise (pak kok) – halved (which I totally forgotten)
3 chicken drumsticks
Oyster sauce – 1 tablespoon
Pepper (grind)
Soya sauce – 2 tablespoon
2 whole potatoes
1 big bowl of water (2/3 full)

Put to high heat. Then when its boiling, simmered (low heat) for 1 1/2 hour. Serve.


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