Day 5 and its a shopping day.

We went to tangs yesterday as I wanted to get a bigger pot for soup boiling and ended up with 2 pairs of shoes and no pots. One for Al and one for me. Al bought a pair of dr martens shoes and I bought a pair of working shoes which I will only wear in April (yep starting work only then).

When Al put on his Dr Martens shoes and I stood up and compare our height (he is shorter than me but with the shoes on), he seems to be 2 cm taller than me. The sales assistant saw us and started giggling. It must be quite a funny sight. 😁

We also bumped into Al’s ex boss who left the company and staff in a lurch. The company has to close down cos it was unable/ refuse to pay the office rent and salaries to its staff. I wanted to walk up to him and tell him that he sure got the guts to return to Singapore. But of cos I did not. I wonder did he saw Al at all cos we were walking face to face towards each other. Anyways.

We went to wild honey after that for lunch and even Al was pretty impressed by their food but not so much with the price. An eggs ben like this costs $19 which is a tad too expensive. So I guess we would not be eating at wild honey for a long time. Oh well.



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