Day 3 of leave.

I am late but I have an excuse cos I was ‘traumatised’ by my cooking saga yesterday.

Mil cooked on Monday and Tuesday so my plan to cook for Al was postpone to Wednesday BUT my two girlfriends (who wanted to give me a birthday treat) rescheduled the date to Wednesday.  But what the heck. I decided instead of cooking, I will boil some soup for Al.  I heard from many that the ABC soup is the easiest so I googled for the recipe and went on to Sheng Shiong (the nearest supermarket) to buy the ingredients!

Ingredients used
3 Potatoes- cut into small pieces (I think 2 is enough cos Al don’t eat potatoes)
2 Yellow Onions (1 is enough)
1 China Carrot (1/2 is enough cos I don’t eat carrots)
2 Tomatoes (1 is enough else the soup will be too sourish)
2 Sweet Corns
5 pieces of pork ribs

Why I say I was traumatised is because when I tried to put in the ingredients into my 1.5 litre pot, the water overflowed with only 2/3 of the ingredients.  Also, as the water boiled, it overflowed onto the stove.  This is even when the fire is at its smallest.  So I had to sit in the kitchen for one and a half hour to pour in and out the water, remove the cooked ingredients and put in the rest of the ingredients.  That’s why very ‘bo eng’ (busy) yesterday. 

So if you are like me, trying the ABC soup for the first time, this is how I do it and I am glad to say that the soup turns out well except for the fact that the potatoes are quite mashed up, the carrots are not as soft as I want them to be.

6 – 8 cups of water depending on how big is your pot
Bring the water to boil
Put in all the ingredients
When it starts to boil, lower the fire and let it simmer for 2 hours or longer
Add salt



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