Birthday pressies for the december borne.

This year I chose this teal Rebecca Minkoff mini mac clutch from doorstepluxury for my birthday! Thank you my friends for the lovely gift! (Was a little upset when I received an email from doorstepluxury yesterday that they are having a 3 days 25% off Rebecca Minkoff bags. Bad luck.) Update: I contacted doorstepluxury who is willing to refund 25% of the selling price to match the sale price!! Yoohoo~~

And I also pampered myself with some Chanel makeup which I have been eyeing for the longest time. Finally decided to buy them since Takashimaya is having a store wide 10% discount and I received a $50 Takashimaya voucher few days ago from the new DBS MasterCard.

And I am waiting for the present from Al which is still on the way. He never fails to give me a surprise so I am excited about what he got for me.



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