I have been tagged again!

This time by the lovely Lady J!

These are her 11 questions:

  1. If you are using an iPhone, what’s the one app you can’t live without. Instagram!
  2. Fave haunts in our little island? Cheap and good food found at the Ghim Moh Market such as chicken rice, ah balling, duck rice, tsui kueys, desserts etc etc etc.
  3. Fave eats? [It can be anywhere in the world]  I don’t really have that many but I love eggs ben and the best in my opinion is from coffee bean.   The other one is spicy chicken ramen from Beppu.  Both in Singapore.  I don’t travel much.
  4. What is your favourite comfort food and why?  My parents’ Sunday dinner spread.  I can always feel their love eating the food that they cooked specially for their kids.
  5. What do you miss most about your home country when you are away?  The comfort of my house.
  6. What’s the one place that you do not mind visiting over and over again.  Bangkok.
  7. Fave type of weather/ season?  I guess its spring as I like the cool weather which allows me to layer up without perspiring.  I don’t like to reveal too much of my body.  Haha.
  8. Would Gangnam Style get you up on your feet?  You bet.  I just bought dance central 3 and downloaded the song! I want to break the 4 million points record!
  9. If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be and why?  This is tough cos I don’t watch much cartoons.  Let me think.  Kungfu Panda cos he is a filial son and he protects his people.
  10. When the going gets tough, what would be a quote/saying that you look to for strength? Life is short.  Be happy.
  11. Share some of the little things that would make you happy.  Giving small gifts to your friends and seeing their delighted face.  When someone laughed at my stupid jokes.  When I received compliments from people.  When I know my friends or close ones actually think about me.

5 thoughts on “I have been tagged again!

  1. Thanks for doing this so quickly! Impressed! I love your Sunday night family dinner spreads.. can totally feel the love that goes into preparing the feast. 🙂 And yup, one app that I can’t live without is Instagram too! Hi-five to that! Or should I say… Oppa Gangnam Style? ;p

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