Did you know that..?


if you buy a starbucks tumbler, you will get a free (tall) beverage of your choice? and did you know that if you bring your tumbler along to fill the beverage, starbucks will reduce the price of the beverage by 50cents?

thanks to my lovely friends who told me about it. i get to save some money and also play a small part in saving the environment.

here are a few tips to enhance the enjoyment of your new starbucks tumbler

  • the new sealing lid is designed to fit this starbucks tumbler only and is not meant to be used on any other product.
  • use care when filling with hot beverages. for best results always use caution and keep out of reach of children.
  • clean all parts with soapy hot water and rinse before using. clean with lid open.
  • check to make sure lid is secured properly before drinking
  • move lid closure tab to “open” position while securing sealing lid onto your tumbler or when removing lid to help release excess pressure that may occur with steaming hot beverages.
  • do not microwave.  hand wash recommended.  do not freeze.
  • do not overfill.  not intended for carbonated beverages.
  • this product is not intended to be spill proof or leak proof and is not guaranteed against minor leakage.

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