Lee’s Restaurant at Star Vista

The dinner crowd at Star Vista is getting a bit out of hand.  There were long queues like everywhere. We decided on Lee’s Restaurant as there was no queue (but still crowded). I was having trouble deciding what to eat but luckily an attentive attendant noticed it and asked if she could help me with the menu. I like. Very proactive. 🙂  And so with her help, I ordered the following dishes:

Braised pig intestine $6.90 

Al did not quite like this because they don’t have the urine smell. Disgusting right? Haha..  but its just the opposite for me. I like it without the urine smell and the sauce is quite tasty.
Braised minced pork $8

I tried one mouth of the rice and I must say it tasted better than it looks!   The sauce from the braised minced pork with the rice is simply divine.  ok, I am exaggerating but it is really quite nice.
Taiwan beef noodle $12

This looks spicy and oily but its not.  The color of the soup worried me for a while cos I thought it will be very salty but its not.  The noodle looks normal but its not.  The meat looks tender and they are!  Everything about this is almost my perfect beef noodle.
Mango crushed ice $8.90 

Mangoes are fresh and ice are perfectly crushed.  Nice.
All these cost $47.50 (inclusive of service charge and GST) together with an iced red milk tea of $4.80.  Personally, I think it’s a tad expensive for a small portion of food. But all of the dishes tasted quite yummy to me and I would recommend you to give it a try if you are not so hungry cos a portion that small was not be able to fill that stomach of mine.
Lee’s Taiwanese Star Vista |1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-08, Singapore 138617 | 6694 4859


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