Boston Seafood Shack at Star Vista

Giving the Star a go since its 8 plus on a Sunday night. My parents were away in Beijing for 2 weeks so we had to settle dinner on our own. We walked around the Star and finally decided on Boston Seafood Shack. Conclusion is that we will NOT go there again. First, the staff seemed to think that we had been here before and ignore us totally. We had to figure out ourselves that we need to queue to order and pay for our food (like fast food restaurant) and were given a beeper which will signal us when the food is ready for collection (queue again). Second, we are paying restaurant price for all these self services. We paid a total of $36.50 for a garlic prawn linguine, basket ‘o’ seafood and a banana smoothie (for your information, we had to go to another section of the restaurant to collect the smoothie which really pissed Al off). When we are finally ready to eat, the food tasted so-so (no big deal) and worst, they were lukewarm instead of piping hot. AND last of all, the chilli sauce were in YELLOW bottles and not in RED. 20121014-212036.jpg








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