Clarins Double Serum

The double serum is made with a unique water-and-oil formula that is lightweight and which mimics the skin’s natural protective layer, the seventh generation Double Serum promises to reactivate the organ’s five vital functions:

Protection: It is said to protect skin from external aggressors such as UV rays, dust and stress;
Hydration: It can improve the skin moisture levels by 75% up to four hours after application;
Oxygenation: It is said to boost cell activity so your skin functions as its best.
Rejuvenation: It promises to boost the production of collagen.
Nutrition: It enhances the complexion by increasing the speed at which nutrients penetrate the skin cells

One key ingredient is the chinese herb, cang zhu, which is said to boost the efficacy of the other plant extracts which, in turn, help stimulate the skin’s vital functions.

To ensure freshness and efficacy of the active ingredients, the water-based and oil-based serums are kept separate and mixed only just before it is dispensed from the pump.

The result: reduced wrinkles, less visible pores and a more even complexion after four weeks.

Source: Urban (the straits time)

Retails at $118 for a 30ml bottle.

I gave in after all the hype about this serum. Will update again after one month 🙂 Meanwhile, if you are interested, you can sign up here for a 7-days trial.


2 thoughts on “Clarins Double Serum

    • Hey Hey, I like it. Been using it for 2 weeks. Not sure if it works yet.. most products I used as long as it doesnt cause outbreak I am already quite happy. But the feel of the serum on the face is really moisturising.. it can feel a bit oily but once its absorbed by the skin, it doesnt feel that oily. I also like the smell of the serum. Will do a small review once I am more free at work (which is killing me softly). 🙂

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