We are cookyn today!

The bosses finally agreed to having a bonding session for the unit. So we are going cookyn!  I am in the Italian team and really excited about it cos I love Italian food!

There were 5 teams of about 10-11 persons and each team has a facilitator to guide us along. Boss D was in my team and I took the opportunity to order him around. Hahaha!  We were then split into 2 groups within the team, 1 of which was in charge of preparing the tomato bruschetta while the other made was mushroom and ricotta ravioli.  I was in the latter group.

It was really fun learning how to make the dish. Look at how yummy our end products!  Look good, taste even better!  Colleagues complained that the ravioli not enough.  I think so too although I ate a few more than them. Hur hur hur.

If you are thinking of having a bonding session, maybe you should give Cookyn Inc. a try i.e. if budget allows ($110 per pax).





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