IEX Asian Heritage

A couple friends were on Straits Time Life this week.  There was a 2 pages coverage on their exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum, in short ACM.  We (and nana) have the privilege to visit the exhibition on the first day and it was quite an interesting night for us.  We seems to be a bit out of the place cos it was filled with people in the design industry.  But we enjoyed ourselves, right nana?

The IEX Asian Heritage is the first of a series of heritage-inspired contemporary fashion, accessories and lifestyle collectibles created by IEX in collaboration with designers and artists in Singapore.   The featured designers and artists are:


Mindflyer  –  I am honoured to meet the man himself.  Always a pleasure to know someone this nice.



Steven Low – He is a down to earth man.  I wanted to attend his pottery class today at 10am but then as usual Al overslept and I have no heart to wake him up. But I am definitely to see more of this man!

PAULINE. NING – I like what I saw but not the price tag of some items. But then again, I feel that she has combined seamlessly the fragility of the Chinese porcelain and toughness of the gilt metal into this collection which turns out very well.

Keith Png + Juffri

Aiwei Foo

Carrie K. – We spoke.  I told her that I bought her signature leather bracelet and she told me that it can also be used as a handphone holder!  I am still contemplating whether to buy her stacked rings which I like alot.

Hatch – I bought the ring!  But I will be wearing it as a necklace.


Diana Tang

Most importantly, the photos of the products taken by Al (The Oculus Studio) are nice.  Maybe I was being bias but I like what I saw.  Do show him some love by liking his facebook page.

If you have some time to spare and would like to support local artists, do catch the free exhibition from 2 August to 2 September 2012 at ACM.


1 Empress Place

Singapore 179555

Mon: 1pm to 7pm

Tue to Sun: 9am to 7pm

Fri: 9am to 9pm

Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place

Parking: Available at the basement carpark of the new Parliament House, Six Battery Road and One Fullerton

Landmark: Opposite The Fullerton Hotel

Online shop:


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