Review of L’egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB cream

I recently received this in my July Bellabox which I am quite excited with as a I love to try out different BB cream.  Although I have used at least 5 different brands of BB cream by now, I have yet found a must have BB cream. I was hoping this L’egere would be the one.

This is a water based BB – Oil free with Vitamin E (Anti oxidant); Vitamin C (Whitening) and provide 3D pearl shinning particles that add glow to your skin. It consists sea collagen which provide elasticity to your skin and aloe barbadensis leat which soothe skin, suitable for sensitive skin. It also claim to have the following 6 major skin care benefits:

Whitening; mosituring; anti-wrinkle; anti-aging; renewal; anti oxidation and main skin protection – Foundation; coverage; controls sebum and sun protects.
My thoughts:

I like the packaging. I have a habit (not sure if its a good one) of cutting up soft packaging like this once I can’t squeeze any more product out so that my fingers can reach the left over product. This will ensure no wastage at all.

As you can see from the picture below, the color of the BB cream is quite dark and water droplets were formed as I rubbed it onto my hand. It feels refreshing and does not leave a greasy feel to your skin after drying to a matte finish. However, I find it a tad too sheer.  More sheer than the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  Maybe because it’s water based?  Hmmm..  but surprisingly, the staying power seems quite long.

It also contains extremely fine glitter which is meant to provide the skin with a pearl-like natural gloss as the fine pearl particles reflect light. But I did not notice any such light reflecting effects when applied on the face though.

What I am pleased about this BB Cream is that it is SPF 26 which means I can don’t apply my usual sunscreen when I used it.  Also, I like the fact that it is waterproof which is suitable for me since I play tennis under the sun.

Overall, I think I prefer this BB cream as compared to those I used before and will most likely repurchase it after I finish this sample unless I found a better one!

Nothing related to the review of the BB cream but if you like Michelle Chong, you may want to watch the video.  She is funny. 🙂 heh heh heh…


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