All thanks to..

Sixpegs and A!

I won a pearl necklace from Sixpegs giveaway contest and met her this evening to collect the prize. Dragged nana along cos I was feeling shy.

It was nice meeting up with Peggy and A. Peggy is really friendly and A helped us take a photo together. Hope I won’t look too shagged after the walk from my work place to Central.

Me and nana decided to have something light at the same cafe and we ordered a chicken caesar salad to share. Since it was still happy hour, nana ordered a beer which was one for one but she din’t realised it until the second one came. HAHAHA. Nana suggested that I bring the second one to Peggy which I hesitated for quite a while before I pick up the courage to do so. Yeah, I am such a chicken! But I am glad I did cos Peggy looked so surprised and happy that she got a free beer! πŸ™‚

That’s how I spent my friday evening. Hope you guys have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “All thanks to..

  1. hahaha toh toh, if u win another giveaway the next time, i shall ask you to sit with her for a drink…..;) buahahahah πŸ˜€

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