Early morning hits and misses

Played tennis this morning at Methodist Girls school which is kinda near my place.  I din’t want to hitch a ride home in other people’s car as I was smelly pretty bad after the lesson and so I decided to walk home (inspired by nana who told me that she took 3 hours and 15 minutes to walk home from office yesterday).

But it was not a wise decision as the sky was pretty dark and windy which I reckoned only half way through my walk that it’s gonna rain.  After like a good 20 minutes, the rain finally poured and I had to call for help. Luckily, I was pretty near to the main road and managed to find a bus stop for shelter after a free shower for about 5 minutes.

Oh well, it was a fun walk but I should do it with my tennis shoes instead of my slippers which managed to give me some blisters.


my house is right in the middle of the photo. the blurry blocks of flats.. 


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