Orange is now my favorite color.

My dear blogger friend, Joy (I love her name. A happy name) bought me two lovely gifts. When I opened the mail up, I was greeted by a carrot and a labbit! Its a pair of earrings! My nick is carrot and I guess that’s why Joy bought this for me. They are so cute. Although I am not sure whether I will wear them, they are definitely a keeper.

Next is a sleek blusher called Life’s a beach. I personally don’t own any sleek product and have been quite interested in them especially their eyeshadows and blushers. Being the thoughtful Joy, she got me one of their blusher which I am really happy to try. Someone told me that I don’t suit those pinky blush and I should get those coral or orangey tones and Life’s a beach is in a coral shade. Such coincidence.

Thank you Joy for the lovely and well thought gifts. My heart felt warmed just knowing that this friendship of ours has blossomed since we got to know each other via our blogs.

Jade and Tricia, if you are reading this, the same feeling goes out to you both!



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