And I m bloody pissed!

Yep I am all ready for the massage session.  All naked.  And then someone came into the room and told me that my package has expired and they can’t proceed with the session and I have to sign up another bloody package for a 3 years extension so that I can use the remaining sessions.

I told the lady to get out of the room and so that I can get dressed first before she continues with her sales talk.   Seriously, what is the lady thinking???? So now I am sitting in the room waiting for them to proceed with the payment.  Maybe you may asked why am I signing another package again!!!???  I think I don’t have much choice cos I am still left with about $2k worth of sessions.  Don’t ask me why I signed up so many sessions.  Please don’t.

Lesson learnt.  Don’t listen to the sales talk by all these beauty salons in future. 

Task ahead is to finish using the remaining sessions within the next 3 years and I won’t step into MODERN BEAUTY SALON again!!!!

4 thoughts on “And I m bloody pissed!

  1. Why do they always have that hard sales pitch. I can’t bear it. And they take advantage of you when you’re lying down in a vulnerable position. Or in my case in a hair salon while they have your head in a sink.

    Feel for you.

  2. Oh, gosh! That’s so terrible. Thank you for this – I don’t think I’ll sign up for any packages (I’m actually quite easily turned off by all that sales talk…)

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