24-hr enhanced eye definition

Recently, I bought an eyeliner from Sasa at $12 after promotion.  Its made in Japan. 🙂  I have not come across this brand before but I was impressed  with the salesgirl’s demonstration.

What it claims to do

1. Highly defined eyes all day long

A silicone fixative provides super holding power. It resists oil, sweat and tears which can cause Panda Eyes for a long-wearing rub-resistant finish.

2. Clearly defined yet natural looking

The deep black formula gives eyes a stunning impact with hold high definition, yet easily removed with your regular cleaners. Soften the lines for a more natural look.

3. Smooth, easy to draw!

The soft, creamy formula glides on effortlessly. Define as desired by lining between lashes, around the eye’s rim, or on the lower eyelid. Twist-up type ensures, fine, precise lines at all times without sharpening.

I will be trying this out tonight for the birthday dinner. Hope its as good as it claims.


UPDATE: Its not as smooth as it claims to be.  Not sure if it is because its still very new.


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