kana hoaxed or self hoaxed?

We used up our drugstore shampoo recently and Al actually made a special request for the next shampoo.  He wanted something that is for oily scalp and one which will prevent hair drop.  Haha.. Usually he don’t made such request but recently but I guess he was worried when his hairdresser told him that he is dropping hair and he should use a suitable shampoo.  So I went to SaSa after work to buy a so called suitable shampoo.

The shampoo costs $28. While I was making the payment, the sales assistant tried to get me to spend additional $6 so that I can get a $5 voucher and a free facial session.  The auntie in me was suddenly turned on and I was’hoaxed’ to get something to make up the difference.  I decided on an eyeliner after an impressive demonstration by the sales assistant.  So in the end, I paid a total of about $40 in return for 2 vouchers which can only be used with attached conditions.  Argh!  I hate sales gimmick!  But I always kana ‘conned’ again and again.  I was caught in this situation last week when Sephora sent me an email telling me that I just need to spend $50 more to get a $40 voucher with MANY MANY attached conditions!   Sigh…

Not very pleased with myself.  Next time, I must think really hard before buying something which I don’t really need to make up the difference for any ‘freebies’.


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