March BB

Yesterday, I signed up for Bella Box (in short BB) in case you are mistaken that the blog is about baby. HAHAHA.

I have read a few blog,blog, blog and blog on BB and have decided after 3 months to have a go at it.   Not sure if I will regret but since its only at S$15 per month and cancellable at any time,  i thought why not.  So i am now waiting for my march box to arrive at my doorstep.  cant wait to use some of the goodies in the march box.  I think my friends may benefit from this too if there are items which I dont use or not suitable, I will give them away to friends whom I think would use them.  heehee…


4 thoughts on “March BB

  1. I subscribe to glamabox! Got my second box a few days ago. Very pretty packaging and personally thinks its a good price for a cheap thrill and surprise on a monthly basis…

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