Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Makeup

Use a great moisturizer – Perfectly hydrating skin by using a great moisturizer will help repair the complexion after any type of damage. Moisturizing daily will help protect and nourish skin for optimal renewal and vibrancy. Hydrating the skin also serves as an effortless anti-aging agent for beautiful skin in the future.

Use a primer – Primer helps to create a smooth canvas for your skin before makeup application. Aside from filling in fine lines and wrinkles, it also serves a primary layer of coverage which will help keep makeup in place all day, as the ingredients in most primers create a stronger bond between your skin and your foundation.

Use a great cleanser – Pores gradually collect dirt and makeup overtime and causing serious skin issues. Wash with lukewarm water and a cleanser ideal for your skin type every night as a preventative measure to help avoid build up.

Use a gentle face mask every week – A great facial mask will deep clean pores and remove any impurities lying within the layers of the skin. It also creates a great weekly ritual that can be an instant stress-reliever for both skin and body.

Source: Myglam


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