Can you mind your own business??

Yep the question which I hated so much is when people ask me “so how, when are you going to have a baby?”

I always have the urge to tell them to MYOB. I really dont know why would my getting pregnant be of any concern to you?  Seriously.


6 thoughts on “Can you mind your own business??

  1. I’m completely with you on this. It’s really so irritating. just cos other ppl are popping babies out like nobody’s business, must i do the same too? When i reply ‘dunno’, they don’t stop there, they will continue to ask ‘so are you all even trying’? I will just give a polite smile & keep quiet. It doesn’t end there, they will tell me “you’re not getting younger you know’. This is when i will have daggers in my eyes, all ready to shoot them with!!

    • dont you just hate it when they asked these questions? anyway, my face turned black immediately and i asked if she could stop acting like my mum. but she went on and on but i cant be bothered anymore. if i am nasty, i would have stick my pen into her mouth.

  2. The thing i hate about this question is… how to answer if one is not pregnant? When?… How the F people know…

    Like asking people when your first white hair will grow. Or when you will strike 4D.

    Siao. Can predict one meh.

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