Behavioral change

Recently, I have been behaving more and more like an auntie.  Last time, I would spend freely without any qualms about commitments. Nowadays, as I grew older, I would look for the cheap and good deals and would be very proud of myself if I could save just a few cents more. Haha. Yes, you can call me cheapo.

Like recently, Mil told me about a house salon where I can get my hair dyed for as cheap as 20 bucks and I was already very excited! I used to spend around $160 for just a dye at my usual hair salon. For that amount of money, I can have my hair dyed for one whole year.

Gosh, I am kindda disgusted with myself yet proud that I am able to save ALOT of $$$ at the thought of it.  Hahahhaha!


3 thoughts on “Behavioral change

  1. Same goes for me too Carol, you are not alone ;p
    I spend a lot of time in the aisles of supermarkets to compare prices, and i only go to Cold Storage for meats and other essentials not stocked by NTUC & Sheng Siong. LOL! And my husband says my favorite aisle is where all the detergents and other cleaning agents are. Sigh! What a vast difference from just a mere 3 years ago.

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