to modern beauty

dear modern beauty, its been 3 months since i last went for massage.  can you please dont piss me off by asking me to sign up package when i still have many sessions to go??? i dont farking care if you are having promotional prices now! i just want to use up my package before signing another package of urs.

give me a break!!


3 thoughts on “to modern beauty

  1. i SOOO know what that feels like. I had 20+ sessions left and they kept asking me to upgrade just cos they are having a promotion. Best thing is… I’m paying by installment. So i haven’t even finish paying you’re already asking me to add on to my installment plan. Champion!

    • Ya. And they like to promote their package during the massage session. I wanted to tell them off but luckily they got the obvious hint that I was not interested at all. Haha. I just refused to talk to them,

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