grandpa is now in the ground..

we lost our grandpa last friday, mum informed over the phone.  she also said that grandpa passed away in his sleep in the early friday morning which i was glad to hear.  its the best way to pass away.  painless.

i was not surprised as grandpa is over 80 years old and had been senile in the recent years.  when i last visited him on the first day of lunar new year, we were not able to have a proper conversation.  i wonder if he still remembered me.  but he did grabbed my fingers for a few seconds before i pulled his hands away so that i could leave the room for the helper to help him get changed so that he is dressed up to meet his daughters and sons and grandchildren.  still feel sad when i think of the scene.


the wake was a 5 days affair which ended yesterday.  i am sure grandpa will rest in peace knowing that his descendants has him remembered and loved in our hearts..


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