i entered into a ‘contest’ in december which to-date i have no clue what i have won for guessing the right answers. the organiser got hold of my email address and requested for a photo of me. i was like ‘what the hell do you need my photo for??’ (of cos the question was only asked in my head). so, i asked rhem politely why they need a photo of me. the reason was they need it was for visual reference of their contestants.. hmmmmmm….anyway, i decided to give them the photo becos i have been following their blog for sometime and concluded that my photo wont be misused and most importantly, i want to find out what is my prize!

after they received my photo, they asked if i could be shot for their blog.. hahaha, i never imagine that i could appear on their blog (not that i want to) but i thought it would be fun. my only concern is i dont know what i should wear. hahah, so dont be surprise if you see me on the blog 🙂


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