Narsing around..

I have been reading good reviews about Nars and had wanted to lay my hands on their matt lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers.

During the NYC trip, me and Wei visited a NARS counter at Saks where Javier attended to us. He was really funny and kept poking fun of me. In order to take revenge, I purposely get into his way while he tried to reach for stuff. Kidding! I was just trying to stay close so that I can pick up some makeup techniques.

At the end, I got myself a eyeshadow makeup kit that comes with primer, eyeshadow palette, mascara and eye makeup remover. This kit costs me USD88. I also bought a blusher called ‘madly’ instead of the most raved about ‘orgasm’ advised by Javier. He said that I have natural redness on my cheeks and orgasm would make it even more red (like monkey asses). So he suggested madly which would make one go madly in love with me. Hahha.. Funny man!!

Before we left for more shopping, Javier shook Al’s hand (yep, he was with us all this while) but gave me a big hug. I am pretty sure he enjoyed my company too.

Narsed and Javiered 🙂





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