Places I want to visit

in NYC..

1.  the Brooklyn flea.  They even have an official blog.

2. the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I wanted to catch ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Savage Beauty but its extended and only till 7 August 2011.  I dont suppose they will extend for another month?

3. the Central Park where a lot of crime took place. haahah.. kidding.. well, the crime rate has declined as mentioned via the link but i think we just have to be vigilant anyhow..

4. the Brooklyn Bridge is not a rare scene in one of those movie blockbusters.. i shd take a yellow cab and get Al to shoot me as if I was one of those movie stars..

5. the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building  for some typical tourist photos..

and the list goes on and on and on.

Since we will be joining our friends’ yearly company trip (you must wonder how generous the boss is right? I also say), I will have to wait for their itenary to be out so that we can work out both our schedules.. Cant wait 🙂

If you know of any place where we should visit in NYC, do let me know!!!


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