Sit Right!

I hurt my back few months ago and have been going for physiotheraphy at Raffles Hospital for the past one month.  The back pain, numbness in my left feet and the butt ache have been giving me discomfort especially after sitting or standing for a long period of time.  Too bad, I can’t hang the “I have got a back ache” sign around my neck in order to get a seat in the train.  Most of the time, I will try to lean against the door or anything that is leanable, hahha, like a friend. 

So when I saw ‘Sit Right’ at the Cold Storage, I decided to give it a try since its only selling at S$9.90.  After trying it on my office chair, I think it did help to relieve the strain on my back.   If you are currently looking for a back cushion, I would recommend you to give this a try. 

Extract from source

Simply slip Sit Right over the back of your chair and you’ll instantly feel the difference. The spring cushion effect gives valuable support and added comfort, while the mesh grill acts as a vent to keep you cool. Raised spheres provide an extra special massage eature, so you go from seat to treat in no time at all. Stylish, lightweight and easy to use, Sit Right from JML is the quick, cost effective comfort solution.

•Use at home, in the office or in the car

•Fits almost any seat

•Gives added support and comfort

•Mesh grill lets air circulate to keep you cool

•Quick and easy to install


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