BAD dining experience!!

We went to Orchid Live Seafood at Sembawang for the Mothers Day dinner. Being new to the place, it was quite an adventure to park our cars.  Anyway, I am not going into details to that cos the whole point of this entry is to share the BAD dining experience with you.

We were seated down within minutes but it took us 10 minutes to realise that no one is attending to us and three hours to conclude that WE ARE NEVER EVER GONNA EAT HERE AGAIN.

Finally, the AUNTIE boss came to our table and asked us where is our reservation list (what the hell is that?) and whether we did made reservation even though we replied her THRICE (SHE WASNT LISTENING AT ALL).  She insisted that we did not in a REALLY RUDE TONE (as if we owe her).  If not, how the hell did we get the table??  Next, she asked us if we are ready for our order and I had to highlight to her that we did not even have the menu.   She walked away and came back with the set menu (the only available menus due to Mothers’ Day)  and told us to call her when when we are ready to order.  Then without waiting for us to react, she went off to attend to some other customers.  Seriously, how long did she think we will take to order when there are only 2 set menus out of the 6 which is applicable for the 9 of us!??

Apart from the shit ass attitude from the AUNTIE boss herself, the waitresses’ attitude are as ‘GOOD’ as the auntie boss.   I was so ‘amazed’ when someone walked past our table and shouted ‘KNNBCCB’.   I turned around and realised that it was one of the waitresses.  I am not sure who or what is she swearing at but this kind of attitude is simply unacceptable.

With such lousy shit ass attitude, I will definitely not recommend anyone to dine there even if their food is bloody nice.  I am not one with very high standard but I seriously will not condone to such SHITTY attitude and service.

waited for 50mins fo the first dish. Shark fins - not hot, fishy taste. Only vinegar taste good.  oh ya, we had to wait for vinegar and pepper.  3/10

waited for 50mins for the first dish. Shark fins soup - not hot, fishy taste. only the vinegar tasted good. oh ya, we had to wait for the vinegar and pepper which did not come together with the shark fins soup...

second dish - steven drumstick. Not hot too.  Personally, I find it

second dish - steven drumstick. Not hot too. Personally, I find it a tad too fatty. but the sauce is not bad. 7/10

next dish - clams and the dish is not hot too. 6/10

Smoked duck - sauce is ok. duck is ok. 6/10

one dish to wow about - lobster porridge. at least its piping hot. 8/10

fish. 6/10

spinach + abalone. yawn. dint try at all so not able to comment.

spicy crap - seriously after waiting for the longest time, even if the crab is nice, I would still think its crap. the sauce is tad too spicy. 6.5/10

maipian xia - not the kind that i like, the egg taste mixed with the maipian is not as tasty.. 6/10

papa, not only you got headache, i also got headache!!


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