2 days off

My back hurts more after last saturday when I fiddled with the fitness station I chanced upon at some new HDB flats near my house.  As a result, my butt hurts even more now and the left leg will go numb after standing for a while and there are pins and needle from my butt to the feet.

So today, I finally decided to visit the doctor thinking that I might need an x-ray.  But after interviewing me and making me do some movements, doctor concluded that I am suffering from the side effects of the minor slip disc which is what Bryan told me previously.  He said unless I can’t move or feel excruciating pain on my back,  then he would suggest an x-ray.  Right now, all I need is rest, NO exercise, NO carrying of heavy things and do some simple exercise which will help to relieve the pain.

So, I will be heeding his advice and rest at home tomorrow.

Note to self: Don’t play play when the back hurts.




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