Funny anot?

I choked on a grain of cooked rice and coughed out a mouthful of rice onto the table in front of my friends and people around our table! Instead of asking me if I m alright, my friend’s first reaction was to scold me cos her gucci wallet was on the table and the rice coughed out was too near for her comfort!

I could not stop laughing for the next half a minute. It was such a funny moment.

This is the lunch that almost cost my life!


2 thoughts on “Funny anot?

  1. HAHAH! Similar incident happened to me too.

    There was 2 chairs available – instead of allowing ‘HUMANS’ to sit on the chair, my friend conveniently took 1 for herself and the other for her LV bag to ‘sit’. While I had to find another chair on my own.

    Nope she wasn’t trying to chope seats for anyone – it’s just me, her + her BAG!


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