my first net-a-porter

i had been reading too many tweets about net-a-porter so i decided to visit their website to see what’s the big hoo-ha. i regretted doing so cos i am now hooked. after going through tons of pages on the website, i concluded that most of stuff they sell cost AT LEAST a 100 pounds and with the shipping charges of 20 pounds and a click on the button ‘BUY’ would lead to your bank account reducing by that much of money.

but i m glad that i did cos the buying experience with net-a-porter was simply a wonderful one. the parcel arrived within 3 days; the packaging is sleek with the net-a-porter ribbon tied on the black box; a net-a-porter pouch that comes with a handy tape measure and a step-by-step guide to measure myself from head to toes so as to ensure a perfect fit; a chan luu pouch that comes with my purchase!

i m sure there will be a next net-a-porter purchase but it won’t be so soon cos the bank account needs a rest. too much transactions going on these few weeks.. buahaha..


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