xmas celebration

There are 8 couples in our group and its getting bigger because there are 2 more kids coming along the way.  Haha, that I will have to worry about that next year.   This year, I have 5 kids’ xmas pressie to take care of.  Right now, 3 are settled.  2 more to go.  One of which is my favorite god daughter, Megan and the other one is a (2yo?) boy which I always have problem getting a pressie cos we seldom hang out with the family together.  I guess a toy something would suffice for any kid right?

This year, I, being the social event manager  was tasked to come up with a xmas celebration for the unit.  Usually, a dinner is the easiest way for everyone but as I said previously, December being the off peak month, most of the colleagues would either be on leave or away for holiday.  So I thought it would be a better idea to get everyone a gift vouchers and xmas cakes for the unit.   I hope everyone likes the arrangement for the last social event that I organised.

Tree of dreams from Bakerzin. The whimsical tree is made up of about 36 jivara macarons coated with white chocolate 'snow'.

Merry creation -Dedicated to chocolate and hazelnut lovers, check out our chocolaty Sumatra Log Cake with lots of macaron shells and strawberry gummies.

ok, that’s all for my xmas update.


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