birthday or sad day..

It was my birthday and I have always make it a point not to go back office in case there is anyone or anything that makes me unhappy. Indeed, I received an email from boss which requires immediate action. Since I am on leave for the rest of the week, she found someone to cover me. Phew~~

This year birthday was kind of a sad one. My ‘dear’ husband came home past midnight and sang a happy birthday song. Erm, and nothing else. I was so unhappy the whole night. I was not expecting a present but a birthday cake surely isn’t that much to ask for??!! I dunno whether he knew what’s wrong or he really don’t know what he did (or did not do) but he thought I was in one of my mood again. I totally ignore him the whole day and slept throughout my birthday. How sad is that? Luckily, the messages and smses from my family and friends kept me occupied throughout the day amidst my beauty sleep.

Haha.. anyway, I am so going out today for my massage appointment and dinner with my besties…

Thumbs up to friendship!!


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