What’s up these few days?

Sunday happenings…

Top (length long enough to wear as a dress) from HK and pants from Canola Grey at Far East Plaza.

some artwork exhibition by kids at Millenium Walk..

Galta - some Italian gelato which can be found within Parco @ Millenium Walk..it has interesting flavors such as strawberry ginger..

Tuesday @ work..

Part of a successful proposal plan by a colleague... sweet 🙂

these are the left overs of the wedding proposal for our consumption 🙂

dinner is mee goreng at LPS so that I have the energy to work late...


lunch on boss at seven on club at club street...

unlimited serving of salad 🙂

main course is juicy beef... oiishi!

almond chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream...

some nougat dessert which is very tasty 🙂

Shopping for a dress at Far East Square after manicure and pedicure..

not enough bling? but I love a dress/ skirt with pockets!

hermes dress.. i kind of like it but can't think of an occasion which I can wear it to...

bling bling on red? hmmmm...maybe not...

I just like the bling bling part of the dress... conclusion, I will be wearing my well worn dress to the annual dinner and dance this Friday again... save $$!


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