Bangkok – what’s the difference?

We got a driver this time round to bring us around bangkok. He charges 2000 baht per day. So that will be S$50 for mine and Al’s share for each day. I was not really sure about such arrangement cos we never had a stranger following us all day waiting for us to call to drive us to the next location. On the contrary, our travel mates seem so used to it.

For all 3 nights, we had good food around town all thanks to Mervyn’s recommendation. Each meal costs us at least S$100 (?). We went to high class places where me and Al would never thought of stepping in cos high class food is not a priority to us.

We shopped at places like Chatchuchak market and Platimum mall whilst our travel mates shopped at Siam area.

Although we are so different in the things that we do in Bangkok, I still enjoy travelling with our travel mates for a new experience.

Oh ya, through our driver, we got to know that the Ratchada Night Market is now closed for good. So I guess I was quite lucky to have visited the place last year.

Me and Al in Another hound Cafe at Siam Paragon

Our travel mates, Meryvn and Wei

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