the pasta shop..

This is the second time we visited this place. I wasn’t very happy the first time cos I preferred what Al had ordered i.e. Garlic prawn ramen with red chili padi and he refused to swop.  This time round, I made sure I ordered that and boy, did I enjoyed my dinner.

There was only one staff manning the restaurant which sits around 40 diners. He was all over the place, welcoming the diners, taking orders, clearing the tables, making sure that the diners’ needs are taken care of, also as a cashier.

While footing bills, we jokingly asked if he was also the chef cos he seemed to be the only person around. Of cos, he said no and gave us a really big smile. If I am the boss, I would be really happy to have him as my staff.  Hardworking with no attitude.  Nowadays it’s very hard to find youngsters like him.

the pasta shop by sakae sushi..

this is my order. Ramen with prawn, lots of garlic and red chilli... if you can take hot and don't mind garlic breath, do try this..

Cold tofu with unagi... they said it tasted bagus...

fried lotus... interesting appetiser...


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