The amazing concealer

Recently I got to watch this video (via Shin) made by this pretty young girl. 

Her name is Michelle Phan and I have great respect for her after watching her video tutorials.  Through her videos, I got to pick up some basic make up/ beauty tips from her and was also introduced an amazing product.  It’s called the amazing concealer from the amazing cosmetics which really is an amazing product.  (Ok, is this corny or what?)

Ever since I bought it from Sephora (at ION), there isn’t a day which I get out of the house without it.  None of my friends actually realized that I applied the amazing concealer.  I would rather think that it’s because it’s so natural that no one hardly notice and not that I applied too little amount.

Anyway, if you are interested to get one, you can find it at ION’s sephora that comes in 2 sizes at SGD63 for the 15ml or SGD47 for the 10ml (?).

3 thoughts on “The amazing concealer

  1. Hey Carrot! My name is Samantha and I work for AmazingCosmetics in the US. Thanks so much for the blog post– we loved it! We’re so glad you like the AmazingConcealer…it really is amazing huh? Haha we’re used to the corny phrase around our office! Anyways, I wanted to invite you to be a part of our 10 Year Anniversary Contest because I think you could be perfect for it! Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you’ll enter!

    Xoxo, Samantha
    AmazingCosmetics, Marketing and PR

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