Mary from office invited some of us to her housewarming party.  Her new house is the renowed Pinnacle@Duxton.

One look at it, you would have thought that it is a condominium but no, this is actually our Singapore public housing.  What is so unique about it is it has the highet level of stories(i.e. 50-storey high) with 1,848 units in 7 blocks.  Also, it has 2 skybridges linking the 7 blocks at the 26th and 50th storey.  You may want to read here for more information about Duxton.

Now, let’s take a look at Mary’s 5-room apartment. 

the gate to each apartment which i thought looks quite modern.

Living room with enough space for 2 mahjong tables! hahaha... by the way, its really windy everywhere I stand.

Passage way leading to the 3 rooms and toilet. No pictures taken for the rooms for privacy reason. I thought that the master bedroom is very spacious with reasonable area for the remaining 2.


Kitchen and the door leads to the washing and clothes hanging area..

This is Mary's sister who served us drinks. The space next to where she is standing can accomodate the second mahjong table.

As each apartment only has 4 access cards to the skybridges, we waited for our turn to visit the skybridge at the 50th storey. Mary's son is really nice to bring everyone around and explaining to us about some unique features and views of Singapore at different area.

Star gazing area - One can actually lie on the stones for a comfortable position to look at the stars or fireworks..

Last view of our PSA which is going to move to Tuas...


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