Mothers’ day dinner

This year’s mothers day is somewhat special.  Usually, we will bring Mama to her favorite restaurant for dinner.   But my youngest brother suggested that we should cook for the occassion.  I was kinda worried cos I know ABSOLUTELY NUTS about cooking.  Lots of suggestions were exchanged over what should be cooked via emails.  My idea of cooking fried eggs was rejected cos its not considered main course.  Hmph!!

In the end, all I need to do was to tell a white lie and bring my parents to my sister’s place for the dinner.  I was a lousy liar and Al had to help me with it.  When I brought my parents up to my sister’s place, they still had no idea what was going on until they saw the dishes cooked on the dinning table.

I am really surprised that my second brother can cook. Most of the dishes were cooked by him except for the chicken and chicken rice which are cooked by my sister. Well, like what my mum said she thought that the food is especially nice when they are cooked by her children.

So the biggest credit goes to chefs Ben and Claire with the help of Melissa and Lishi.  My youngest brother was the photographer cum videographer. After dinner, we watched the photos taken and the videos which were simply hilarious. 

Ok, now for some food photos taken for your viewing pleasure. 

Chicken rice by Chef Claire. I like the oily part. hahaa.

Chicken by Chef Claire too.. seriously, its not bad..

Homemade ginger with the help of youngest brother..

Homemade chilli too by Chef Claire which I personally is a little blend...but not bad liao...

Salted vegetable soup by Chef Ben. I like.

Vegetable with oyster sauce and mushroom by Chef Ben. I like.

San Chen Rou by Chef Ben. Al loves it.

Cabbage and carrots by Chef Ben. Think this is Mama's favorite.

Well done sibilings!!  We did well in making Mama happy.


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