Yoshimaru ramen bar

Al loves ramen especially the soup whilst I am the opposite cos I hate the pork taste in the soup. Anyway, in order to make him happy, I agreed to having ramen for dinner especially after a good run.

We went to a yoshimaru ramen bar and I ordered the spicy dan-dan ramen (with least pork taste) whist Al ordered the most expensive one (cos its my treat).

We enjoyed our food until the moment I saw a plasticky thing that shaped like a contact lens. So I asked the manager to take a look at it. After sometime, he told me it’s the plastic wrapper of the noodle packet which he also thought at first glance looked like contact lens and I go hmmmmm. Well, anyway I gave him the benefit of doubt and he gave me a 10% discount.

Al enjoying the grinding of sesame for our ramen.


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