Last Friday evening, me and Al went to great world for some late Chinese new year shopping. With his help I managed to buy 2 pants from Dorothy Perkins. Just when I was about to pay for them, I realised that the wallet is not with me. I thought, maybe I left it at home so I was not too worried about it. But after a while, I was re-enacting, in my head the day’s event and was starting to worry a little. The last time I used the wallet was in a Fred Perry shop at ion. I still wasn’t too sure so Al sent me home in search of my wallet.

True enough, the wallet is nowhere in sight. I quickly took out my receipt and made a call to FP. Call was picked up by a lady and I asked if there was any lost wallet. When she replied no, my heart really sank (to the bottom of the sea). I can’t believe this is happening!!

By now, I was perspiring profusely and I told myself to give the shop another call. Just when I was looking at the number, I realized that I called the wrong branch. Arh, HOPE is all I got now. Phone rang, girl picked up and said yes mam. May I asked you to describe the lost item, your name, what do you have in there she said. I knew that I was lucky this time round.


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